Deal performs Percussion Collection works at Improtech Paris-Philly

Scott Deal presented performances of John Mallia’s Husk, with aura, along with Deal’s Goldstream Variations at Improtech Paris-Philly, a festival jointly sponsored by IRCAM (France) and the University of Pennsylvania. The festival drew noted musicians in electronic music, including Roscoe Mitchell, Bob Ostertag, the electronics duo Matmos, and Daphne Naphtali.  Pictured above is John Mallia making final preparations for the electronics, seated behind the large percussion set up for his piece. For more information, visit the Improtech website

Percussion Computer Media Collection featured at PASIC 2017

Scott Deal presented a performance clinic in November at the 2017 Percussive Arts Society International Convention titled “Tools and Techniques for Percussion and Computer”. The session highlighted several of the works in the Percussion Collection, including Elainie Lillios’ “The Rush of the Brook Stills the Mind”, Michael Drews’ “Surveillance”, and Deal’s Goldstream Variations”

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